Brand Reinvention

Rebranding seems to be the hot thing to do these days. Oddly, we’ve been doing it for years. If you look at our roster of current clients, we led them all in rebuilding and rebranding their business. We’re not talking about creating a new logo (in fact, for the Alhambra, we didn’t even create their logo). We’re talking about influencing a cultural shift to better market and sell their product or services. We won’t bore you here with details. If you’re interested, click here to go to our Case Studies page.


The bottom line is this: brands get stale. Cultures get stale. Messaging gets stale. Even customers get stale. So at some point (or points) in a company’s life cycle, there comes a time to revisit what it does and how it does what it does. That’s where we come in: as thought leaders, strategists and implementers. Someone’s got to ask the tough questions and draw out the hard conclusions (and then prescribe the way to prosperity).

  • Ask Craig Smith at Jacksonville’s Alhambra Theatre & Dining

    how we revived the nation’s longest running dinner theater.

  • Ask Kristin McLauchlan

    how we helped transform Legacy Trust Company into Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices.

  • Ask Chris Huber at Virtual Systems

    why it made sense not to go to market as five products, but as one powerful company.

  • Dr. Shreena Patel will tell you

    that embracing the beach culture has been positive for Beaches Orthodontics.

  • World Junior Golf Series President, Tom Burnett

    will tell you that the American Junior is now polished player in the landscape of international junior golf.

We love rebranding. We could be the only company in our market that actually specializes it in.