Event marketing is where we shine. Whether it’s creating your own event or sponsoring an existing property, you are inviting people to interact with your company. Creating an event marketing opportunity – perhaps a fund-raiser for your restaurant grand opening, a media party for your product launch or just a simple press conference needs to be a positive experience.  You’re also inviting the chance for positive publicity and a chance to break through the clutter of what is a very crowded media marketplace.  Creating a special event to market your business is the perfect way to leverage your advertising message, develop positive word of mouth and attract recognition.


Recently we helped Patel & Carden Orthodontics re-launch its brand to Beaches Orthodontics.  Part of that plan was to throw a grand opening event to which we invited all the possible referring dentists in the area.  Now, those folks get invited to a lot of parties, so we needed to make this one special.  Being located in Jacksonville Beach, part of the brand renovation plan was to re-invent the office to make it fit into the local beach culture.  The party had to fit that bill!  So we turned the parking lot into a big beach party.  Complete with five food trucks, a calypso band, overhead string lights and even fish tanks as centerpieces, we threw Dr. Patel – and her clients – a party they’ll never forget!


Legacy Trust Family Wealth Office has a different need at the Amelia Island Concour d’ Elegance. We knew from research that Legacy’s clients enjoy cars, golf and food. What better venue than the world’s third-ranked car show on the grounds of the Ritz Carlton’s golf course. But lots of financial services firms do this for their clients, so how did we make it special? First, we hosted a luncheon in the pro shop – yes we cleaned out the pro shop and hosted our lunch in this unique room. Then we had the lead engine tech from Ferrari Motors talk to us about, well, Ferrari. Then we hosted private test drives for four hours with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and McLaren. Yes, we were the first people to drive the new Lambo Aventador in the United States – and nothing makes a client happier than taking a sharp turn at 120 MPH in car that’s never been driven.


From trade show management strategies to golf tournaments to negotiating with celebrities to attend an opening – and publicizing it – we’ve got a lot of ideas and a lot of experience.  And events are fun.  We like having fun.