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Originally known simply as Legacy Trust Company, this Ponte Vedra Beach wealth management firm has barely dipped its toe in the marketing pond when we took them on as a client in March of 2010. Five years later, having renamed (and really reculture-ized the brand), they have gained incredible market awareness and market share. Oh, and growth.


Our first step was to interview every one of their clients in order to get an outside perspective. We wanted to know the goods and the bads, but we wanted to understand the perception their clients had of them. What we learned was that few people looked at them as a “trust company.” In fact, most people looked at them a financial quarterback, helping guide their clients through the perils of managing complex family wealth issues. Truth is, Legacy Trust is a family wealth office, an MFO, that manages wealth of a select few. They’re not a stock brokerage. Or a bank. Or a trust company. So why not go to market as what you are? Our recommendation was not to compete against the big name banks who are all things to all people and “kinda-sorta” offer family wealth services, but to defend to the death their corner of the financial world and own being a family wealth office. Thus, Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices was born.


What was most interesting happened next: a new culture. With clarity came a new conversation internally and externally, a conversation about who and what and how. They went to market differently. They marketed differently (they marketed!). They sold differently. They grew into their new skin, as if it were there all along.


The strategy called more sponsorship and community relations investment than in advertising. Legacy really spends very little in traditional advertising. We have them making their mark on their customers, staff and prospects by sponsorship of big-time events that matter to the community. Legacy is the Founding Partner of the Web.com Tour Championship, the title sponsor of the Legacy Trust Wealth Management Ponte Vedra Cutural Center Home & Art Show Tour, is a gold level sponsor of the Amelia Island Concour d’Elegance, is the primary presenting sponsor of the Ponte Vedra High School Football Field and works with LPGA player Amelia Lewis as its brand ambassador. Staff members sit on the boards of directors for several non-profits and we develop small events around some of the area’s more interesting entertainment venues.

Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices

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