Promotional Marketing

Promotions is one of those catch-all words that included event marketing, tradeshow management, co-marketing arrangements and myriad other devices with which to promote your message.  Perhaps an example is best used here: For Imagine Orthodontics, a national chain for orthodontics practices, they needed to open its Jacksonville market, we developed a co-promotion with Radio Disney to bring people to one of Imagine’s locations.
Pop star, Raven, was scheduled to perform an hour away, and we contracted her to make a special appearance at Imagine’s Regency office. We promoted the event on Radio Disney and sent out a press release about her “surprise, last minute appearance.” More than 5,000 kids (and their parents) showed up to meet Raven, most of whom were right in the Orthodontic sweet spot, 5th-8th grade. We staged the signing in the back room of the office, so each person who came in had to tour the entire facility and meet the doctors. We captured contact information and booked appointments on the spot. From product sampling programs to creating a touring art exhibit to a vehicle test-drive campaign, MediaShare develops and implements promotional concepts to help you increase visibility, image and sales.