01 Jul Happy July!

As MediaShare approaches its 10th anniversary (a fact to which my wife responded in surprsise, “no way!”), we realized that for almost each of the last 3,450 days we’ve done something cool for our clients – and the only people that know about them are us (or we…not sure). It’s funny, some of that includes managing their LinkedIn account, and we only look at our own LinkedIn account about every time a Boston team wins a championship (good thing we’re not New York fans…). So to kick off July, we’re going to try to post something cool about our clients every day. Or most days.

We’ll start by thanking our clients (because no one knows who they are either). It has been 9.5 years of awesome – so thanks to our current and long-time clients: Alhambra Theatre & Dining, Legacy Trust, Pivot CPAs, Fisher Tousey Leas & Ball, NTE Energy, Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra and Rosenblum’s.

Today’s “Cool Client Moment:”

I was getting a ride from the new Jenkins Hyundai to the Alhambra Theater. Butch, the Service Manager (who drove me over…great place, Jenkins!), told me he needed no directions, that he’s been going to the Alhambra since 1969 (“when it was in the middle of nowhere”). Butch is roughly 80. He goes on to explain that back when the Pontiac Fierro was the hot car, he bought one for his wife and worked out a deal with the Alhambra to present it to her during the show by bringing it on stage. Unfortunately, the food police had other ideas because back then the Alhambra actually used the stage for its buffet presentation. So they presented it to her under the portico during “half-time…and almost all the patrons came out to watch.” Sadly, Butch’s wife passed away a year ago after 54 years of marriage, and he hasn’t been to the Alhambra since. When I told the story to Craig Smith and the Alhambra team during our weekly marketing meeting, we decided to give Butch a copy of the 50th Anniversary Book and a pair of tickets to come back with his daughter. We like to say the Alhambra is in the business of making memories. Yup.

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