The Safari Land Group

About This Project

When our Managing Partner rebranded Armor Holdings into The SafariLand Group, he took 19 independent brands and rolled them into a one-brand strategy. No small feat, this changed the direction and the culture of a $300 million company that at one time had 19 ways of looking at the world: 19 sales teams, 19 marketing teams, 19 budgets… you get the picture. Instead of going to market as the largest manufacturer of police and military protection product, Mark transformed the vision and rolled all 19 brands into one, it’s best known brand, the “Nike of Cop Brands,” SafariLand.


The result was a company, with the biggest collection of “products,” transforming into the biggest brand, with the biggest catalogue, going to market. One-stop shopping, with one sales team and one customer service team – the Power of One (which was the code name for the project before launch). The launch was actually done secretly – except for the CEO and Mark’s team, no one inside or outside the company knew about the rollout. The rollout happened at the SHOT Show in Orlando, which became known as “The Show that Launched Safariland.”

The Safari Land Group


Elevating a Brand